The Pirates of Goo'Waddle Canals: The Solbidyum Wars Saga - 3 (Soldidyum Wars Saga) / Dale C. Musser,

Book Cover The Pirates of Goo'Waddle Canals: The Solbidyum Wars Saga - 3 (Soldidyum Wars Saga)
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/ Dale C. Musser,
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SOLBIDYUM WARS SAGA – BOOK 3 – THE PIRATES OF GOO’WADDLE CANALS A year has passed since Tibby encountered the Brotherhood at Alle Bamma during his attempt to acquire the ruguain eggs for Kala’s recovery from a poisoned knife wound. Tibby receives a message that one of the Mirage Fighters he commissioned for construction and loaned to the Federation has been taken in a raid by the Brotherhood rebels. The Admiralty has asked Tibby’s assistance in reclaiming the ship, as it has been taken to a non-aligned planet to be reverse engineered. Tibby has barely begun his mission to retrieve the stolen Mirage Fighter when word arrives that a solbidyum shipment has been intercepted and taken. It, too, has been removed from of Federation territories and its exact location is unknown; so Tibby and his crew must go undercover on a clandestine mission to find and retrieve the solbidyum. The team is disguised as slaves of Kerabac, who is acting as Ruwallie Rasson trader, in order to move about the alien worlds in their attempt to find the solbidyum. However, their search is hampered by the Brotherhood, who also seeks the individual who has taken the solbidyum. Things get complicated when the Ruwallie Rasson traders in the space around the planet Goo’Waddle consider Kerabac to be in violation of their guild rules. The Ruwallie Rasson try to commandeer Kerabac’s ship, slaves and cargo as a penalty for his failure to join their cartel. Rumors are also heard of a new enemy force that has aligned itself with the Brotherhood — rumors that imply this ally possesses a powerful weapon capable of penetrating the RMFF shields of the Federation ships. Tibby and his team find themselves maneuvering their way through a dark world of slavery, illegal drug producers, child prostitution rings, pirates and androids; and when things do not go as planned, Tibby must struggle with feelings of guilt and anger.
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