Touch of a Vanished Hand (Oberon) (Volume 5) / Forte, P.G.

Book Cover Touch of a Vanished Hand (Oberon) (Volume 5)
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/ Forte, P.G.
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ISBN-10: 0744307953
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Sinead Quinn has always been something of a drifter. But now, with her ex-husband trying to blackmail her, and her ex-boyfriend’s widow trying to put her in jail, she has no choice but to go to ground. What better place to hide than with your family? After all, what are sisters for? Especially when you’re a twin. But the first rule of hiding out is to keep a low profile. And that does not mean kissing your sister’s boyfriend (even if he can’t tell the two of you apart); rescuing a troubled teen; or taking a job as hostess at Oberon’s most celebrated new inn. Adam Sasso has always dreamed big. But big dreams beget big complications. First, his goal to turn the vineyard he inherited from his grandfather into a world-class winery is threatened by a mysterious saboteur. Next, his plan to run the finest bed & breakfast Oberon has ever seen is broadsided by a hostess who wants to ruin him. Finally, it seems his fondest wish – of finding love-everlasting with the soul mate of his dreams – is about to go up in smoke, when he can’t convince the woman he loves that they’re destined to be together. It’s going to take all the wizardry in Oberon to craft a happy ending for the drifter and the dreamer.
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