A Tunnel is Only a Hole on Its Side (The Hole Trilogy) / James Minter, Gale Winskill, Paul Shinn,

Book Cover A Tunnel is Only a Hole on Its Side (The Hole Trilogy)
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/ James Minter, Gale Winskill, Paul Shinn,
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In Book I of the Hole Trilogy, The Hole Opportunity, Colin Griggs was left with his arch enemy, Major Woods, in hospital following an accident involving an exploding bouncy castle, a lorry load of holes and the dog of the wealthy land owner, Lady Wills. Colin now buoyed by his success in supplying holes to her Ladyship is keen to grow his "Hole" business. A by-pass is planned for Harpsden, and the proposed route cuts through the local golf course. The club captain Major Woods and members are incensed and use their position to get the route redesigned cutting through the estate of Lady Wills and across the Grigg's farm land. Colin identifies an alternative route involving tunnelling under the golf course. Colin sees an opportunity to both get back in favour with the Major and to sell more holes. Nothing ever goes smoothly for Colin, especially with the Major seeking revenge. Will he save the golf course and befriend the Major or does Lady Wills estate end up being ravaged and his farm demolished?
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