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/ Phyllis F. McManus,
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Sunny Miller enjoyed a top paying business career in New York until she received a letter letting her know her momma, Tessa, needed her. She got on a plane and rushed back to her home town of Monroe, North Carolina. She had no idea what would be facing her when she arrived home. It only took a few minutes, talking to her momma, for Sunny to realize her momma's mind was changing. She couldn't remember things and was becoming very anxious. Sunny didn't realize how her life was about to change when the nice looking doctor informed them Tessa had Alzheimer's. Miss Beulah, the lifelong friend and sister by choice of Tessa, was determined to stand by her side. They opened up to Sunny letting her know secrets they had hidden away. These secrets would follow Sunny for the rest of her life. Sunny Miller cherished the day she came back home. She finally started to live the life she always wanted, the life she always needed and the life that was just waiting for her to accept. This book is filled with laughter, understanding secrets, rebuilding relationships, and finding true love. It also deals with the understanding of Alzheimer's and how it takes a group of caring people to help deal with the journey of this dreadful disease.
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