Billy Has A Birthday: Bullying (Billy Growing Up) / James Minter, Helen Rushworth,

Book Cover Billy Has A Birthday: Bullying (Billy Growing Up)
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/ James Minter, Helen Rushworth,
Publisher: Minter Publishing Limited
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For 7 to 9 year old boys and girls.

Is bullying an issue in your child s life? Do you want to make your child bully-proof?

Billy Field celebrates his tenth birthday with his school friends, but Eddy is upset at not being invited to the party. When Billy receives a special present from his granddad a twenty pound note Eddy finds out, and wants it for himself. Using bullying tactics Eddy takes the money leaving Billy devastated. And worse, Billy feels he has to keep the loss a secret from his parents and granddad. Max, Billy s best friend's sister, wants to help Billy, and tells Billy's granddad. Max and Granddad hatch a plan to get the money back, and ensure the bully gets what's coming to him! Billy Has A Birthday is the first title of eight in the Billy Books series. Each title addresses a different topic bullying, arrogant pride, jealousy, lying, stealing, lack of self-belief, value of money, and secrets and are written to entertain children while helping parents, guardians, or teachers discuss the topics covered. The author is committed addressing negative behaviours, and developing positive values akin to the Value-based Education program championed by Dr. Neil Hawkes, and supported word-wide by UNESCO.

Buying this book today will support your child in the battle against bullying; a loathsome negative behaviour.

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