Thibodaux James Renwalt, or Tibby, as he was called by his friends, was just your typical Earthman.  Recently discharged from service in the United Stated Navy and working as an engineer for the city of New Orleans, where he maintains the pumps that kept the city dry, Tibby decides to spend some time at a fishing hole in the swamp that he used to frequent with his grandfather as a young boy.  His trip turns out to be more interesting than he expects, when he discovers an ancient alien spaceship buried in the mud of the swamp.
Out of curiosity, Tibby enters the craft and accidentally engages an autopilot, which causes the ship to launch with him on board.  As Tibby later learns, the ship is retracing its rather erratic route to Earth, navigating into deep space to a preset destination.  What follows are adventures beyond Tibby's wildest dreams, as the ship contains a cargo of the rarest and most valuable substance in the universe, solbidyum.  Tibby arrives in a region called the Galactic Federation and is greeted by an enormous starship that carries thousands of people.  He soon discovers he's about to become the richest man in the universe - a reward written into legislation six hundred years earlier that bestows great wealth on the finder of the lost solbidyum treasure.  Unfortunately, his good fortune comes with a significant complication; he is now the primary target of a considerable number of enemies, all of whom are bent on capturing both him and the solbidyum cargo.
Before long, Tibby finds himself thrust into a role of hero and falls in love with a beautiful woman; but he soon finds that some of his decisions result in the loss of thousands of lives.
Thus begins the nine-book series of THE SOLBIDYUM WARS SAGA.
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