For two years since the battle at Glomar Rosa the Federation has been struggling to rebuild its fleet of ships and enlist more troopers. A draft has been enacted to meet the military needs, which means Lunnie and her brother Reidecor are now in uniform as members of the Federation space force, Lunnie as a drafted trooper and Reidecor as a cadet graduating from the Junior Auxiliary Corp Program and about to be commissioned as a Lieutenant into full military service.
Very little has been heard of Ming and the Brotherhood since the battle and it is believed that they have suffered as much damage to their fleet as the Federation. Word reaches Tibby that there is an individual on the planet Tombosem with intelligence related to Ming’s whereabouts and the location where the Brotherhood has been transforming asteroids into their asteroid-ships. The informant is a medical patient on the planet Tombosem who refuses to leave the planet Tombosem and will only speak to Tibby in person. Tibby makes an arrangement to go to meet this informant after he attends Reidecor’s graduation ceremony.
Events become complicated when Tibby is unable to undergo his weekly treatment for his degenerative nerve condition, and it becomes necessary for him to drop out of action for several days until he can undergo the therapy that will allow him to function normally. Things begin to escalate when Ming announces that Professor Fass Hakwin has figured out the secret of the Cantolla Gates and the Brotherhood begins using them to make hit-and-run assaults against the Federation. t the same time, the Brotherhood begins a new series of body-bomber attacks and launches a deadly campaign of germ warfare against Federation worlds.
For a time, the Federation holds its own in the war against Ming and the Brotherhood, but Tibby sees that it’s only a matter of time before the Brotherhood gains the upper hand. Tibby’s worst fear is realized when the enemy manages to gain control of two of the Cantolla Gate Stations and several of the strongest Federation warships.
With this new power, Ming attacks the Capitol Station and Megelleon with devastating results. The military base on Megelleon, where Lunnie is stationed, is destroyed. Tibby’s estate, including the orphanage, is under attack, and its destruction is imminent. Tibby and Kala are trapped on the NEW ORLEANS and Tibby is unable to get back to his flagship, the GLOMAR ROSA, which is now under Ming’s control and is being used to destroy Federation worlds and ships that have not surrendered to his will.
Everything is uncertain and the war appears to be lost to the Brotherhood. Lunnie and Reidecor are missing in action and Tibby is faced with the toughest decision of his life, one that could save the Federation but at the greatest price of all to Tibby.
This emotional and action-packed finale to THE SOLBIDYUM WARS SAGA recalls the pain and sacrifices of Tibby’s earlier journeys, while the action escalates through many turns and unanticipated changes that will have you glued to the pages until its multi-surprise ending.

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