A year has passed since the rescue of Tibby and Kalana from the planet Desolation and the defeat of the Brotherhood fleets at the battles of Kendrop, Gochian and Spellhes. Tibby’s twin children, Lunnie and Reidecor, are now walking, talking, and amazing him at every turn. Since their recent victories over the Brotherhood of Light, the growing Federation fleet has added ships of new designs and expanded their military troops. However, despite suffering a series of major defeats, the Brotherhood has continued their expansion, relentlessly raiding and occupying several outlying planets. With the Senate’s recent approval of the War Powers Act, Tibby now has authorization to pursue the Federation’s enemies beyond Federation territory. Tibby decides to take the war to the Brotherhood and their allies by seeking out and destroying remote enemy bases wherever they exist. During his mission, Tibby learns from a Ruwallie Rasson trader that an exiled member of Tottalax is rumored to be living on the aquatic world of Irribis. Tibby goes there, hoping to find this exile and learn the secret location of the Tottalax planet. Meanwhile, Cantolla and A’Lappe continue to assist the Federation in their war efforts by creating more Cantolla gates, which make it possible to move instantaneously between two locations in the universe. The Brotherhood tries to capture the gate transfer stations, in hopes of gaining the technology behind this strategically valuable form of travel. Tibby finds himself at odds with Admiral Regeny when he tries to save Weccies, a banking planet that is not part of the Federation.
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